I had a lovely ride yesterday. I was so pleased that I managed to cycle up a hill that I could never cycle up before without nearly killing myself with a basket full of shopping.

I had to be careful as went so fast on the straight at the top of the hill I nearly forgot to turn!

Tracy Coston, Linton

I’ve lost half a stone since using the electric bike.

Andre Powell, Cambridge

It’s free and also means you can arrive at a time to suit you. It is healthy and is good for your well being. The return journey allows you to wind down after a busy day.

Ben Petersen, Cambridge

I have learnt how quick and easy e-bikes are to use as a method of transport. Really enjoyed the experience.  It’s cheaper currently and a great way of fitting exercise into my routine.

Lucy Hayden, Cambridge

It’s a great scheme and everyone I’ve mentioned it to has been really impressed.

Nina Griffey, Cambridge