Bizbike Service for North Cambridge

Bizbike Service for North Cambridge

The bizbike service is free for staff of subscribing companies.

Individuals can also subscribe to the service. Email for details.

Riders can use bikes from the following pick up points:

  • Longstanton Park & Ride;
  • Northstowe Cycle Hub;
  • Cambridge North Busway (pedal bikes only);
  • Mobility & Cycle Hub, Bradfield Centre, Science Park;

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Ensors' staff using electric bikes from Cambridge Electric Transport
Ensors staff on Bizbike E-Bikes

Picking up your E-Bike

You can pick up a bike at any time if you have registerd in advance. We will email or text you the acess code for the bike stations. Riders are encouraged to wear safety helmets and should bring their own.

Bike care

The battery range on our e-bikes is about 20 miles, so there is ample power for your return trip. Even if your battery runs slightly low, the e-bikes have six gears, so you can relatively easily pedal back to base.

Riders are responsible for taking care of the bike in a reasonable and careful manner.

Returning your bike

Each day, you must return your bike to the Hub you picked it up from.

Breakdown Assistance

We provide assistance if the bike has a puncture or mechanical failure, and you can't complete your journey. Call the following numbers for assistance:

  • 07973 499224
  • 07971 054279

Perhaps your colleagues would like to save time, riding a bizbike direct to your office. It would save them queueing in the traffic to access the Science Park, St. John's Innovation Centre, or the Business Park. The more people who use our service, the better our service will become. So please, spread the word.

Cambridge Science Park: Seed-funding free Electric Bike service
Launched with seed funding from Cambridge Science Park
Electric Bikes from Cambridge Electric Transport for hire at Longstanton Park & Ride
Electric bike hire at Longstanton Park & Ride

Avoid the traffic jams, quickly commute from Longstanton Park and Ride to the Science Park, St. John's Innovation and Future Business centre. - About 6.6 miles.









Bizbike route from Longstanton
P&R to North Cambridge