North Cambridge Cluster: Electric bike service

North Cambridge Cluster: Free electric bike service

Our e-bike Cambridge service is free for all staff working at the following locations:

  • Cambridge Science Park;
  • St John's Innovation Centre;
  • Cambridge Business Park;
  • Allia Future Business Centre.

Staff from these centres can use bikes from the following pick up points:

  • Longstanton Park & Ride;
  • Milton Park & Ride;

Unfortunately, our Cambridge North Bus-Terminus service is not yet operating.

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Ensors' staff using electric bikes from Cambridge Electric Transport
Ensors staff on electric bikes

The easy cycle route from Milton Park & Ride

A safe cycle route from Milton Park & Ride to the Science Park is:

  1. Over the Footbridge across the A10 from Milton Park & Ride
  2. Turn right, down Faulkner Close
  3. At the T-junction, left into The Sycamores
  4. At the T-junction right into The Rowans
  5. At the T-junction, right in Cambridge Road
  6. At the roundabout, left at 1st exit
  7. 1st right and cross the Jane Coston Cycle Bridge

Continue straight down the road to the business parks.

Picking up your e-bike

You can pick up an electric bike from 7am to 9am on weekdays. Riders are encouraged to wear safety helmets and should bring their own.

If you are delayed and plan to pick up your electric bike after 9am, SMS 07973 499 224 and a bike will be locked to a bike rack for you to use.

Bike care

Our electric bikes include a combination lock and chain. Commuters must:

  • Lock the bike at their premises or other destination;
  • Whilst cycling, store the lock & chain in the pannier bag.

Every morning we fully charge the electric bike's battery. Our bike's range exceeds 25 miles, so there is ample power for your return trip. Even if your battery runs slightly low, the bike has six gears, so you can relatively easily pedal back to base.

When not riding the bike, commuters must:

  • Lock the battery
  • Take the key out
  • Keep the key in a safe place

The hirer:

  • Is  responsible for taking care of the bike in a reasonable and careful manner.

Returning your electric bike

Each day, you must return the electric bike to the location from which you hired it. We want to check the bike and charge the battery.  This service is not intended to be a free, overnight, multi-day hire.

It helps us if you return the electric bike before 7pm, so we can store the bike for the night:

  1. Lock the e-bike to the bike rack, using our combination lock & chain
  2. Deposit the key in the key box in the Park & Ride building
  3. The building is open until 8pm

After 8pm the terminal building shuts. So you:

  1. Lock the e-bike to the bike rack, using our combination lock & chain
  2. Keep the battery lock key
  3. Return the key when you next use the service, we have spare keys to use in the interim

Breakdown Assistance

We provide assistance if the electric bike has a puncture or mechanical failure, and you can't complete your journey. Call the following numbers for assistance:

  • 07973 499224
  • 07971 054279



Download & print this poster

We would appreciate it, if you would like to:

  • Click on this picture,
  • Download a pdf version;
  • Print it;
  • Display it on your office noticeboard.

Perhaps your colleagues would like to save time, riding a electric bicycle direct to your office. It would save them queueing to access the Science Park, St. John's Innovation Centre, or Future Business Centre.

The more people who use our service, the better our service will become.



Electric Bikes in Cambridge by Cambridge Electric Transport
Cambridge Science Park: Seed-funding free Electric Bike service
Launched with seed funding from Cambridge Science Park
Electric Bikes from Cambridge Electric Transport for hire at Longstanton Park & Ride
Electric bike hire at Longstanton Park & Ride
Electric Bikes for hire and support at Longstanton Park & Ride
Briefing customer at Longstanton Park & Ride
Quick and easy ride from Longstanton Park & Ride to your Science Park office.
Riding an electric bike along the guided bus route from Longstanton to Cambridge North.
Click on poster to download a pdf version, print it, and display in your office.