Staff Travel

Your Staff Travel Partner

We have been working with employers since 2017 to encourage their staff to replace car trips with cycling.

The return of staff post-Covid lockdowns to office-based work is an opportunity to encourage new commuting habits that deliver a substantial health and wellbeing dividend.

We provide a range of services to help you maximise the opportunities for your team to engage in active travel and help achieve your zero carbon and ESG targets:


  • Commuter bike share services from pick-up points
  • Home-to-work bike service
  • Work-based bikes
  • Personal bike ownership (Cycle2Work Scheme)
  • Personal bike servicing
  • Personal bike security and tracking
  • Staff motivation days


The health and wellbeing dividend of cycling


  • Staff health and wellbeing is the best investment you can make to maximise resilience, reduce absenteeism and attrition and increase productivity.
  • Offering our services to your teams will enhance your corporate image and make working for you more attractive with life-enhancing benefits.
  • Our services provide e-bikes to make cycling more inclusive in terms of age, gender and ability.
  • Attract staff back to the office in the face of rising petrol costs by offering free cycling options and support.
  • Physical inactivity is the cause of one in six deaths in the UK. Cycling reduces the risk factors for some of the main types of diseases, such as respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes and some cancers. On average, people on e-bikes cycle further and more often than those who use a regular bike, and therefore spend more time outdoors. A study on the physical benefits of e-bikes showed that a reduction in cardiometabolic risk factors was achieved with just four weeks of e-bike commuting. Cycling also has a proven benefit for mental health, wellbeing and sleep quality. The DfT’s Shared Electric Bike Programme report found that of those using an e-bike, 58% felt happier and 41% healthier.


Our multi-pronged approach……
We have developed a diverse range of services so that we can help you increase staff cycling levels in a variety of ways and achieve your green travel targets. You can select the services that best meet your team’s priorities.


  1. Commuter Bike Share Service
  • Staff can pick up bikes from our pick-up points at Longstanton Park & Ride, Northstowe, Teversham, Abington and Cambridge North Station. (Pick-up points will be expanded in response to subscriptions and demand.) Riders are able to keep their bikes at work during the day so they can be confident of having them for their return ride – and parked conveniently near the office.
  • Our bikes are ideal for long-range commuting, with a high level of comfort and convenience compared with those used in most bike share services. Pannier bags are provided to maximise convenience and safety. And safety is further enhanced with front and rear lights powered by the bike battery.
  • We provide full support in the event of a puncture or mechanical problem, including a 24/7 helpline.


  1. Work-based bike fleet
  • A fleet of bikes based at your premises for staff to use on a shared basis for door-to-door commuting, work travel during the day and even lunch-time leisure and exercise rides
  • Full maintenance, servicing and rider support
  • Commuter service from pick-up points included
  • Sourcing and project management for installation of bike racks or shelters
  • Enabling existing staff RFID cards to access shelters and bikes
  • Customised monthly or quarterly usage reports to include in your green travel and carbon reduction reports


  1. Staff bike purchase
  • We have partnered with Green Commute Initiative (GCI) to provide Cycle2Work bike finance packages
  • The most advantageous available on the market for both staff and employers.
  • Regulated by the Financial Services Authority
  • No £1,000 price limit
  • Staff take over full ownership of the bike at the end of the rental period without a redemption fee (see
  • We supply the full range of high-quality e-bikes assembled in the UK with full warranties by Hurrecane ( and Wisper (
  • Can source other brands if staff have preferences, subject to availability.


  1. Bike security, tracking, retrieving and insurance
  • Bike theft discourages staff from cycling
  • Theft rates in the greater Cambridge area have increased significantly over recent years – 18.4 per 1,000 population in 2020 – the highest in the UK
  • We have partnered with Backpedal to provide their unique bike tracking and retrieving service to increase security and confidence.
  • The leading-edge tracking device installed on the bike enables the Backpedal team to locate it accurately.
  • Information is shared with police forces and we follow up with them to achieve a high retrieval rate.
  • This service is further enhanced with cost-effective insurance cover.


  1. Bike servicing
  • Many staff members will have bikes sitting in their sheds that have not been used or serviced for months or even years and they don’t feel confident about getting them out on the road.
  • As part of a concerted cycling campaign for your organisation, we can collect staff bikes from their homes for a full safety check and service.
  • We can also collect from your premises, which is more cost-effective for multiple bikes.
  • Or staff can take their bikes to our service centres at Addenbrooke’s Hospital or Cambridge Science Park.


  1. Staff Motivation Days
  • We will provide e-bikes and a demo team at your premises to give staff an opportunity to take try-out rides during their lunch or other breaks.
  • A great way to encourage cycling for commuting.
  • We can do this as a stand-alone event or as part of your own green travel day.


Please contact us for a free consultation on how we can support your efforts to increase cycling rates, achieve your green transport targets and create a better environment for future generations.

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