Electric Bike: Reviewed

Electric Bike: Reviewed

Mike Scialom on The UK Property Forum reviews our Electric Bike. Key points include:

....... The first model in the range is the £700 eBike which proved to be a lot of fun in the week I had it on test – it’s surprising how quickly you can get used to going electric, not least because it’s a lot faster than pedal power and means you can whizz along the river effortlessly overtaking runners and push-bikers alike.

The practical details are straightforward: the eBike has a 250W brushless rear motor and is powered by a lithium battery which takes four hours to charge (closer to six if it needs a 100% recharge). Billed as a budget model, it has a 35-mile range with a top speed of 16mph. There’s built-in front and rear LED lights which you activate via push-buttons on an LED display panel on the left handlebar. The panel shows which of three speed modes you’re in and how much battery power you have left.

..... The saddle is comfortable and all the instrumentation is easy to use ..... it’s easy to ride and control – unlike the Haibike Nduro I tested a while back, which was an uncontrollable beast. But then that costs £6,000 – you could buy eight of these eBikes for that price and still have change for a spa holiday.....

The eBike is suitable for all ages, though at 25kg needs a bit of oomph to lift, but the rack above the rear wheel helps you hoik it over kerbs, and the stand makes it easy to park up. It’s simple to get the battery pack out and put it back. The charging-up process is very straightforward. There’s nothing here likely to go wrong.....

...... The eBike qualifies for the government-backed Cycle to Work scheme for employees, so ask your employer if that’s an option for you.

Electric bicycle from Cambridge Electric Transport reviewed in UK Property forum.
Electric bicycle reviewed