Bidwells adopts electric bikes

Bidwells adopts electric bikes

We are delighted to announce that Bidwells purchased two electric bicycles, and are considering another two for client and staff use.

On the Bidwells website, there is a rather excellent article by Planning Partner, Rob Hopwood. Rob says:

"Bidwells asked me to [compare] a normal human-powered bicycle with a “power-assisted” electric bike over one working week....

As a fair-weather cyclist, I was always a bit concerned about getting caught in the rain or, on warm days, getting a bit sweaty in my shirt and tie.

I had meetings around Cambridge every day that week..... It also meant I could test the battery’s life expectancy within the 45 miles range prescribed per charge.

Going on the flat without the ‘power assist’ was like riding a normal bike, albeit heavier. But it was firm and smooth....

There were three power settings – low, medium and high, and the power-light came on as I selected ‘low’. It was a good that there was a short time lag while the battery engaged and I started to accelerate slowly.

I then powered on again to ‘medium’, getting used to the acceleration and thought let’s live a little and pressed on ‘high’. It was like someone gently pushing you from behind......

Because Cambridge is flat, you can save on the battery and turn it off and cycle as normal, great for getting more exercise and then when you come to a slope, go to the power assisted setting and accelerate uphill overtaking “racing bikes”.......

My longest journey of the week was about 15 miles, a round trip to the Cambridge Science Park, all within a single charge, I had no trouble at all, feeling fresh and alert after getting back to the office.

Key Points

I rode the Peter’s Pedals City E-bike provided by the Cambridge Electric Transport Company. Cost £700. Range 45 miles, 250w brushless rear motor, 36U lithium battery, max speed 25km per hour, recharge 4-6 hours.

  • Could use a bit of suspension to absorb pothole bounce;
  • Quicker local journey time than cars in Cambridge in the rush hour;
  • Exercise can be seen as a good thing;
  • Can switch off the battery and pedal like a normal bike;
  • .... at this price it’s a steal!"
Bidwells adopts electric bikes, with Sean Moroney of Cambridge Electric Transport, and Rob Hopwood Bidwells
Bidwells adopts electric bikes