Peter’s Pedals electric bike

Peter's Pedals Electric Bikes

Faster, fresher, further

Smooth and powerful, the Peter's Pedals electric bike is more than an ideal urban commuting vehicle. It's also for:

  • Commuting fromsuburgs and villages;
  • Countryside tours;
  • Cruising past congested traffic;
  • Seniors to start or continue cycling.

You ride faster, glide up hills, and cut journey times to work. You:

  • Arrive at work without breaking a sweat;
  • Exercise as much or as little as you choose;
  • Don't need a licence;
  • Pay less and spread the cost. Buy it through the government-backed Cycle to Work Scheme;
  • Enjoy environmentally clean transport.

The Peter's Pedals electric bike is robust, versatile and easy to use.  With all the advantages of a push-bike,  plus an electrically powered boost when you want. Our electric bike features:

  • Easy to mount, step-through design;
  • Hi-spec, rugged design;
  • LED front and rear lights;
  • Trickle charge via any standard electric plug: 6 hours from flat;
  • Low-cost motorised transport;
Bidwells adopts electric bikes, with Sean Moroney of Cambridge Electric Transport, and Rob Hopwood Bidwells
Bidwells adopts electric bikes


  • Range:  35 miles to 45 miles on a full battery;
  • Brushless: 250W rear motor;
  • Lithium battery: 36U ;
  • Max speed: 25km/h.

Take the sweat out of cycling. Why not join the electric cycling movement sweeping across Europe!

Try before you buy

Cambridgeshire residents can enjoy our free "try before you buy" offer.  We lend you an electric bike for up to a week. You experience all its advantages. We're confident you'll choose to purchase it.

Service and warranty

Included in the price is:

  • Free check-up six weeks after purchase;
  • 2-year battery warranty;
  • 1-year charger and electric controller warranty;
  • 3 year frame warranty.

Our authorised repair and service centres are at:

  • Biomedical Campus Cycle Hub;
  • The Bikeman, Cambridge Market.


Pricing for our electric bike is:

  • £700 + VAT;
  • Free delivery in Cambridgeshire;
  • £50 for courier delivery elsewhere in the UK

Spare battery offer

With a spare battery, you can extend your cycling range to 50-70 miles. The price is only £125, if you buy when you purchase our electric bike, compared to our standard price of £200.

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How employers electrify their teams

Consider the benefits of a pool of electric bikes. It will increase your team's agility and efficiency, empowering them to:

  • Arrive faster and relaxed at meetings;
  • Deliver items faster;
  • Park closer to the client;
  • Receive fewer parking tickets;
  • Gain independence from third party transport services like taxis and buses;
  • Encourage them to migrate from motoring to cycling.
  • Respond faster to sudden requests;
  • Become healthier.

Staff can also use the electric bikes for personal activities, e.g. at lunchtime. They'll feel more integrated into the city, and benefit from its amenities. Your perceived value as an employer increases.

You could lend your electric bikes to visitors, customers and partners. They would all gain easy mobility around the city.

Electric bicycle from Cambridge Electric Transport
Our electric bike: 35 mile range, rugged & reliable

Your company branding

We can brand your electric bikes with your company colours and logos.  This is good for name recognition. It also shows stakeholders, partners and customers that you are

  • Reducing your carbon footprint;
  • Take your environmental responsibilities seriously.
Electric bike used by Deliveroo rider
Cambridge Deliveroo rider goes "Faster, fresher, further" with Peter's Pedals electric bike.

Staff e-bike purchases through the Cycle to Work Scheme

The government-supported Cycle to Work initiative encourages staff to purchase bikes, including e-bikes. It has tax advantages for employer and employee.

Employees enjoy significant savings when purchasing new bikes. An employee selects a bike, and hires it for an agreed period from one of the government-approved agencies. When the hire period expires, the employee purchases the bike at a second-hand value.

The hire costs are paid out of gross pay, not net pay. Hence there is an income tax and Employee National Insurance saving.

Cambridge Electric Transport is a member of Cycle Solutions.

Cycle Solutions: the cycle to work scheme
Cycle Solutions

Customer Testimonials

Tracy Coston, Linton

“I had a lovely ride yesterday. I was so pleased that I managed to cycle up a hill that I could never cycle up in Linton before without nearly killing myself with a basket full of shopping.

I had to be careful as went so fast on the straight at the top of the hill I nearly forgot to turn!”

Sophie Kopanau, Cambridge

“I just want you to know that I am so enjoying my new e-bike!!! it's great!!

I actually cycled up Castle Hill effortlessly yesterday and now think nothing of setting off to go anywhere.

Thank you so much for making this possible for me!!”

Order yours now

Our e-bike is priced at only £700 + VAT  (plus £50 for delivery in the UK; free delivery in Cambridgeshire).

To order yours, contact us on:
Tel: +44(0)7973 499224
Mike Stapleton on Peter's Pedals electric bike: click to read review