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The CitiPod vision: The future of urban mobility

The CitiPod is an innovative urban transport solution for the multiple challenges faced by cities and towns. Enabling people to move effortlessly and cheaply without pollution of the environment is key to a city's economic success. However, most cities suffer from disastrous:

  • Urban traffic congestion;
  • Parking limitations;
  • CO2, NOx and other particulate pollution;
  • Limited safe cycling routes, with reduced use in bad weather.

Most urban journey are under 5km and do not require heavy, polluting vehicles. Electric cars are not the solution.

  • Most cost over £20,000 per unit;
  • Require a massive charging infrastructure
  • Blight cities with particulate emissions;
  • Do not solve congestion problems.


Cambridge Electric Transport's Vision

The CitiPod vision is bold. It will:

  • Reduce urban transport carbon emissions to zero and cut energy consumption substantially;
  • Dramatically reduce congestion;
  • Reduce costs, making it affordable for everyone.

For city authorities the CitiPod offers the following benefits:

  • It doubles road capacity, being less than 700mm wide;
  • Uses existing road infrastructure better than current legacy use, with no need for new electric charging infrastructure;
  • Removes pollution by being electric-powered;
  • Consumes low levels of energy being ultra-lightweight;
  • Maximises parking space usage: each car parking space can accommodate four CitiPods.
  • Reduces wear and tear on road infrastructure, being ultra-lightweight (<60kg).
  • Turnkey fleet management system enables rapid deployment of bike share fleets across selected areas.

For people, CitiPods offer the following advantages:

  • An active and healthy travel mode
  • Low purchase price (target price <£3,000)
  • Low running costs (estimated 0.5 pence per mile electricity consumption)
  • Low maintenance costs similar to those of an electric bike.
  • Full weather protection for the rider, who is enclosed if desired;
  • Increased safety and reduced injuries compared to bikes:

> By surrounding the rider with a protective cell;

> By being speed restricted, conforming to e-bike regulations;

> By being stable on three wheels, therefore safe for elderly and even disabled riders

  • Includes a rear compartment to transport small children and/or shopping up to 50 Kg
  • Street and cycleway legal for children 14+ years
  • No licence and insurance requirement

Current Developments

We have partnered with Hall Engineering & Design (HEAD) as our design and engineering partner and plan to take the into production by early 2023.

CitiPod design work in progress

RotoVelo brainstorming meeting Jan 2018
Briefing Coventry University auto design students undertaking a CitiPod design project
CitiPod Partner Meeting, Cambridge 29 January 2020
CitiPod Partner Meeting, Cambridge 29 January 2020
CitiPod Partners with one of CET’s e-bikes
CitiPod Partners with one of CET’s e-bikes

CitiPod sponsorship opportunities

CitiPods provide a highly visible, mobile platform, with unique brand values. They could link your corporation to a unique, sustainable urban transport solution. This would promote your brand and reinforce your CSR commitments.

Contact us for available sponsorship packages.

Partnership opportunities

CET aims to propagate the CitiPod concept across the world through partnerships with transport operators, vehicle manufacturers and city authorities.