Cambridge Electric Transport

Through continuous urbanisation, it is anticipated that by 2050 there will be as many people in cities as there are on the planet today? In order to manage this extreme growth and the increased levels of pollution and congestion, we require scalable and extendable technology to increase the efficiency of urban flow – as well as make carbon-free cities achievable.  Cambridge Electric Transport is dedicated to developing sustainable transport solutions to meet these challenges.

Our corporate electric bike scheme saves employees time getting to work, reduces stress from sitting in traffic and their carbon footprint.

It is available free to sstaff of subscribing companies.

E-bikes can be booked and collected from Cambridge North Busway, Milton and Longstanton Park & Ride.

CET also provides the following range of products and services:

  • Staff travel advisory and management services for employers
  • Cycling community support services such as the Campus Cycling Hub at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Science Park Mobility & Cycle Hub at Bradfield Centre, open all workdays.
  • E-bike sales and rentals
E-bike Cambridge

Shorten and simplify your commute direct to your office on the North Cambridge Cluster.  Staff working at all companies on the North Cambridge business parks are eligible to try out an electric bike.

Try a bizbike today and enjoy the many benefits e-bike riding has to offer:

  • Save money on corporate travel - e-bikes are perfect for local meetings
  • Save money on commuting to work
  • Save time getting to work
  • Keep employees healthy
  • Improve mental health
  • Improve corporate social responsibility

Discover our free e-bike service as featured on BBC Look East at North Cambridge Cluster electric bike hire