Cambridge Electric Transport

Through continuous urbanisation, it is anticipated that by 2050 there will be as many people in cities as there are on the planet today? In order to manage this extreme growth and the increased levels of pollution and congestion urbanisation is creating, we require scalable and extendable technology to increase the efficiency of urban flow – as well as make carbon-free cities achievable.

Cambridge Electric Transport is dedicated to developing urban transport solutions to meet these challenges.

Our core concept is the CitiPod, a pedal-assisted ultra-lightweight electric vehicle based on e-bike technology. Because it conforms to EU regulations for e-bikes, it can be deployed immediately on existing cycleway and road infrastructure, delivering a zero-emission urban transport solution that will also minimise traffic congestion. See here for more details.

In addition to developing the CitiPod, CET is providing the following range of products and services:

  • Staff travel advisory and management services for employers
  • Cycling community support services such as the Campus Cycling Hub at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus
  • E-bike sales and rentals
  • Specialist velocycle sales
Cambridge Electric Transport founders: Sean Moroney & Peter Dawe
CET founders: Sean Moroney & Peter Dawe

From July 2nd, Cambridge Science Park is piloting a free, electric-bike hire service. Science Park employees can quickly commute from:

  1. Longstanton Park & Ride
  2. Along the Guided Bus route
  3. To their offices or local meetings

Each morning, we allocate electric-bikes on a first-come, first-served basis. However, commuters can:

  • Reserve a bike online
  • Up to 30 days in advance
  • Using the form below

Detailed information on our free electric bike hire and use this page to book your electric bike: Longstanton booking form


You can pick up an electric bike at Longstanton Park & Ride from 7am to 9am on weekdays. We provide safety helmets and high-viz vests. Riders can bring their own helmets.


Each day, you must return the electric bike to Longstanton Park & Ride. We want to check the bike, and fully charge the battery.  This service is not intended to be a free, overnight, multi-day hire.

It's easier if you return the electric bike between 4pm and 7pm.

Breakdown Assistance

We provide assistance if the electric bike has a puncture or mechanical failure, and you can't complete your journey.


Why not download an A4 pdf of our promotional poster, and display it on your office noticeboard.

Cambridge Electric Transport backs industry group

CET has launched the Cambridge Cycle & Lightweight Vehicle Industry Group to provide a forum for individuals and organisations in the region working on bike and lightweight vehicle design, innovation and manufacture. Details about the Lightweight Vehicle Industry Group meetup

Hinton Bikes demonstrated their prototype and briefed the group on their business strategy at a recent meeting
Hinton Bikes demonstrated their prototype and briefed the group on their business strategy at a recent meeting


Peter Dawe, cofounder Cambridge Electric Transport

Dr. Peter Dawe OBE

Chairman & Co-founder

Sean Moroney CEO Cambridge Electric Transport

Sean Moroney

CEO & Co-founder

Chris Poulton, Commercial Lead, Cambridge Electric Transport

Chris Poulton

Commercial Director

Bob Longman of Cambridge Electric Transport

Bob Longman

Engineering Advisor

Geoff Gardner

Geoff Gardner

MaaS Lead

Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson

CAV Lead

Chris Trees Cambridge electric partner in China

Chris Trees

Design Advisor


China partner

Local authority partner

Cycle mechanic partner

Rotavelo partner

Transport research & strategy partner

Local authortiy partner

Local authority partner

Local authority partner

Campus cycle hub partner

Campus cycle hub partner

Campus cycle hub partner

Manufacturing partner

Manufacturing partner

Cycle to work scheme partner

Cycle to work scheme partner

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